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Barry Thomas is best known for his work as an Impressionist artist, noted for canvases filled with light, energy and vivid color. His paintings, which often seek to illustrate the beauty found in everyday life, have been featured in galleries across the United States, from Utah to Florida. The six-foot-plus Little Rock, Arkansas painter looks like he would be more at home on the football field than holding a paintbrush, which he actually did at one time with the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

Barry started his college career at the U of A where he played defensive end for the famed Head Coach Lou Holtz. Although it meant losing a valuable player, Holtz encouraged Thomas to pursue his dream of becoming an artist and wrote a letter of recommendation on his behalf to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Immediately after receiving his degree in fine arts he became an acclaimed illustrator and commercial artist. Just one year later Barry was chosen for the Society of Illustration Hallmark Award. That same year he was honored with an award from The Society of Illustration of New York City.

As the audience for his fine art increased, Barry was able to turn his focus to creating his majestic paintings. Sensitive and breathtaking, his work is created using only the colors of Monet's palette. For the past three decades, Barry has excluded browns and blacks from all his work. The result is bright, enlightened canvases that reflect only the purest hues and colors.

From Beaver Creek, Colorado to Little Rock and Fayetteville, Arkansas; from Santa Fe, New Mexico to New Orleans, Louisiana and Seaside, Florida; collectors can discover Barry Thomas' exceptional art at numerous galleries, and many have, including former President Bill Clinton.

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