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 2018 Exhibitor/Vendor Application

About RiverFest: RiverFest has been a part of the Little Rock social scene for over 40 years. This year, RiverFest will consist of two main stages with national headline acts each night, many food vendors, and the Ford Family Fun Zone that will have over 25 carnival rides. The event takes place along the downtown Little Rock riverfront.

Opportunities: The RiverFest event site has many space and presentation size options. Merchant Row is a vendor sales area that spreads along the walkway between the two main stages. The area is high traffic and has been the historical location for vendor sales. Due to the nature of Merchant Row’s site, the booth spaces cannot exceed 10’ deep. See the application form for details. Riverfest will also place vendors near one of its main stages or in other high traffic areas. If you want a custom size or something not offered on this application, please feel free to contact us

2018 Updates: The new operators of RiverFest have significantly reduced the cost of entry for both vendors and patrons alike. We desire to present an exciting and affordable event for patrons of all ages and walks of life. Riverfest will also significantly increase the marketing spend on RiverFest.

Payment: Vendors will be able to take payment at their location. The ‘River Bucks’ program will no longer be in use. Riverfest will have ATMS scattered through the event site.

Tents: No pop-up tents are allowed. All private tents must be properly anchored and able to pass the inspection of the City of Little Rock Fire Marshall and RiverFest staff. Permits from the City of Little Rock Fire Marshall must be pulled for any private tent. Vendors wishing to rent a tent at RiverFest’s volume pricing must do so on their entrance form. The tent provider will pull the City of Little Rock Fire Marshall permit on your behalf.

Insurance: All exhibitors/vendors must have commercial exhibitor/vendor insurance with liability limits of 1 million, listing [RiverFest, Inc., Universal Fairs LLC, Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Clinton Presidential Center] as additional insured -NO EXCEPTIONS

Criteria and Process: RiverFest is looking to present a vendor mix as diverse as its patrons. We are specifically looking for high-quality, contemporary merchandise with goods that are hand-crafted, hard-to-find, or unusual items that are not widely commercially available. We also are looking to present a limited number of resell merchants. Preference will be given to Arkansas-based artists and merchants.

Guidelines and limitations:

  • Vendors may not sell any item with the Riverfest logo without the express written consent of RiverFest. Additionally, participants may not sell any item with the name or image of any act playing the Festival.
  • All non-concession exhibiters are prohibited from selling any beverages, and from selling food items that are not professionally packaged and labeled. Additionally, you may not sell any drug paraphernalia, tobacco products (without permission), weapons, umbrellas with any type of point; plastic or metal, (Must have button top.)
  • Artist/Merchant may not distribute literature, coupons, or other materials without prior written approval from Riverfest. Vendor may not publicly represent or be affiliated with a cause (cancer, arthritis, etc.) or solicit donations of any kind. (those interested in supporting a cause should contact our sponsorship staff)
  • Restocking of booths must be complete one hour before the event begins. If you would like to keep a restocking vehicle onsite, please contact RiverFest for information.
  • RiverFest will provide overnight security but is not responsible for loss or damage to any items in booth area.
  • Sales tax collection and payment is the responsibility of the exhibitor.


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