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Rules of Conduct


Riverfest, Inc., aims to provide Festival-goers with the greatest opportunity to enjoy the Festival. Due to the large volume of festival-goers and the limited space in which the festival is held, Riverfest, Inc., has a strong interest in: 

  1. Facilitating the orderly movement of Festival-goers; 
  2. Providing access for Festival-goers to the Festival’s events, performances, vending and other operations; and 
  3. Providing a safe and secure venue in which to hold its Festival.     

Accordingly, it is the policy of Riverfest, Inc., to require that Festival-goers abide by the following Rules of Conduct:

A. General Rules 

  • Firearms and/or weapons of any kind are prohibited in the Festival grounds, except for those carried by authorized law enforcement personnel 1) who are acting in the scope of their official duties and/or 2) who are assisting in the security of the Festival. 
  • The following items are specifically prohibited: backpacks, selfie sticks, drones, coolers, containers, cans, food or glass bottles, laser pointers, camelbacks, audio recording devices, professional photography equipment, cameras with detachable lenses, video recorders, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, motorized vehicles of any type, large cane umbrellas or umbrellas with a point, concealed weapons of any type. ALL BAGS WILL BE SUBJECT TO A SECURITY SEARCH.
  • No Festival-goer shall engage in conduct that impedes or obstructs the free flow and movement of other Festival-goers, either within the Festival grounds or near its entrances. 
  • No Festival-goer shall engage in conduct that obstructs, interrupts or otherwise interferes with the events, performances, vending or other operations of the Festival, or the access of other Festival-goers to such events, performances, vending or other operations. 
  • Alcoholic beverages will be sold only to persons 21 years of age or older wearing a Legal I.D. wristband. No one under the age of 21 will be served alcoholic beverages. Riverfest reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Upon the direction of any Festival official, staff member, or volunteer, a Festival-goer shall immediately cease and desist from engaging in any conduct proscribed by the Festival Rules of Conduct.  Should a Festival-goer fail to cease and desist from engaging in any conduct proscribed by the Festival Rules of Conduct, that Festival-goer’s ticket of admission shall be subject to cancellation and revocation, and the Festival-goer will be subject to removal from the Festival grounds. 
  • Festival-goers engaged in unlawful conduct are subject to removal from the Festival grounds and arrest. 
  • Festival-goers without tickets of admission will be subject to removal from the Festival grounds. 

B. Solicitation at the Festival 

Without the prior express written consent of Riverfest, Inc., Festival-goers are prohibited from the:

  1. Sale or offer for sale of any article or service; 
  2. Solicitation of funds; 
  3. Distribution or display of handbills, cards or advertisements of any nature; and 
  4. Engagement in any business or commercial activity or any nature on or within the    Festival grounds. 

Other than the solicitation permitted by Riverfest, Inc., there shall be no leafleting or distribution of handbills, cards or advertisements of any kind whatsoever on the Festival grounds. 

C. Demonstrations, Protests, Proselytizing, Canvassing, Sign Carrying and/or Other Similar Activities

To the extent that the following activities impede the free flow or movement of other Festival-goers; impair the safety of other Festival-goers; obstruct, interrupt, obscure or otherwise interfere with Festival events, performances, vending or other operations; and/or otherwise violate the Festival Rules of Conduct, the following activities are prohibited both on the Festival grounds or near entrances to the Festival:

  1. Demonstrations; 
  2. Protests; 
  3. Proselytizing; 
  4. Canvassing;
  5. Carrying of placards or signs; and/or 
  6. Other expressive activities. 

To facilitate the Festival’s ability to provide appropriate space where individuals or groups can engage in demonstrations, protests, proselytizing, canvassing, sign carrying and/or other expressive activities, such individuals or groups must, within a reasonable time prior to the commencement of the activity, contact the the Riverfest Executive Director at 866-993-2477 and provide the following information: 

  1. The date of the planned activity; 
  2. The anticipated start and finish time; and 
  3. The expected number of participants with an estimate of the maximum and minimum number of participants.

If the proposed activity complies with the Rules of Conduct, a suitable location for the activity will be provided.

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