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Riverfest media credentials are issued to members of the media whose photographs, video tape, and/or audio tape will be used solely for marketing and promotion of Riverfest and not for any commercial venture.


Riverfest media credentials are issued to members of the media whose photographs, video tape, and/or audio tape will be used solely for marketing and promotion of Riverfest and not for any commercial venture.


Media Credentials will be approved based on the following criteria: Please review carefully to make sure you meet the criteria. If so, please download and complete the credential request form that follows:

    • You are a reporter or photographer assigned by a legitimate media outlet to cover the festival. Credentials will be issued to those on assignment only. Family members or guests will not be considered for credentials.
    • You have obtained, on company letterhead, a letter from your editor or director, noting your assigned duties, the dates you will be covering, your position and title, and the name and title of the person making the request (i.e. your editor or director). Credentials will not be granted without name, contact information and job title.
    • Only internet sites that are affiliated with a major network or major publication need apply.
    • Credentials are not approved for on-air radio or television personalities who are not on assignment at Riverfest.
    • All members of the media must wear Riverfest issued credentials while on site. All media planning to cover the festival during the weekend must provide a list of company representatives to Riverfest by May 15th. Riverfest cannot guarantee media access if not contacted by May 15th. Credentials for these representatives will be available at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette Media Check-In Tent located at the corner of President Clinton and Rock Street in Little Rock. All media representatives must check in by showing ID and will be escorted through the site by a Riverfest Media Relations Coordinator.

    Media Credential Request Form

    March 7 Press Release

    April 3 Press Release

    When complete, mail to Riverfest Inc. at 500 President Clinton Avenue, Ste. 217, Little Rock, AR 72201 or email to or fax to 501-255-3379. A member of our Media Relations team will contact all persons requesting media credentails in early to mid-May. For press materials please scroll to the bottom of the page to download documents. If you need photographs please email the Riverfest office at and be specific about what type of photos you need.


    Members of the Media serving as Emcee’s and DJ’s will be issued a backstage pass by a Medial Relations Coordinator to be worn along with their credentials. These will be distributed each day of the Festival for the stage your station is sponsoring and will not be transferrable. DJ’s will be contacted to make arrangements for equipment and any production needs.


    Riverfest maintains an experienced On-Site Media Relations Team in order to provide you the greatest possible assistance. Media Credentials do not guarantee you access to backstage and other off-limits areas. Artist meet and greets are completely dependent on the artists’ management. To ensure access to necessary areas for pre-arranged interview, etc, please make sure you contact a Media Relations Coordinator IN ADVANCE to arrange an escort.


    All photographers must sign a release form provided by the Riverfest Media Relations Committee prior to entering the site. The festival’s general audio/video/photography policy for stage entertainment, allows access for the first three songs from the pit. Some acts may prohibit audio/video/photography entirely by contract. Only members of the media utilizing audio/video/photography will be allowed in the pit. Video is strictly prohibited in any backstage area. Any further restrictions in the photo policy will be noted by the Media Relations Committee. Riverfest reserves the right to remove anyone from the site who ignores this policy.


    No vehicles are allowed to enter or exit the site during festival operating hours. This policy will be strictly enforced! When possible, Riverfest Media Relations Coordinators will be happy to transport members of the media who have equipment to their desired location.


    The following may be reached by radio or by wireless phone:

    Executive Director: DeAnna Korte at 501-519-4252

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